New Facial Hair, New You!

Author: Tal Sam

Genre: Men’s Grooming

New Facial Hair, New You! A Revolutionary Styling & Grooming Guide That Shows The ‘Average Joe’ How To Drastically Increase Self Confidence, Radiate Sex Appeal & Look Your Best All The Time With Great Looking Facial Hair. Taking you through 5 of the crucial stages needed to achieve great looking facial hair that will completely reinvent your appearance and accentuate your facial features, resulting in a more attractive you. A selection of 19 stylish and very distinguished types of facial hair will help to create a new you!
Book Overview

Revolutionary Styling & Grooming Guide Shows ‘Average Joe’ How To Drastically Increase Self Confidence, Radiate Sex Appeal & Look Your Best All The Time With Great Looking Facial Hair.

Introducing New Facial Hair, New You! A short, practical guide that takes you through the necessary steps to reinventing and dramatically enhancing your appearance, resulting in a more attractive you!

Many men use the hair on their head to make a statement about their personality and style, New Facial Hair, New You! shows you how to do the same and more, with your facial hair. Your soon to be well groomed scruff will become your most fashionable asset. 

4 Amazing Things Your Well Groomed & Styled Facial Hair Will Do For You… 

  1. A Better appearance: Your facial hair will accentuate all of the favorable parts of your face, enhancing your entire appearance resulting in a more attractive you.
  2. Radiate Sex appeal: Your unique and stylish facial hair will become a magnet for attracting those super hot ladies!
  3. Increased self confidence: knowing you look good, you’ll start to feel great and radiate supreme confidence that the world around you will pick up on.
  4. stand out from the crowd: Start parading your facial hair like a peacock parades it’s feathers. Your facial hair will become you number one fashion asset that makes a lasting impression.

The 5 Stages To Great Looking Facial Hair 

Choosing The Right Tools 

Well styled facial hair isn’t as easy to achieve as to what some people make out. It’s all about doing the right prep work, using the right technique, but it all starts with picking the most adequate tools that deliver the most clinical & precise finish. Your face is your canvas and the tools are your ‘brushes’…you are the artist. This book shows you the tools that you MUST have so you can put your best face forward.

Staying Resilient During The Growth Stage

Some men have the ability to grow decent facial hair whereas others do not, impacting upon the choices of style you have at your disposal. Find out how to effectively and accurately gauge the quality of your facial hair during the growth stage (which will help you select a style in accordance with this) and how to make the growth process as smooth and comfortable as possible by combating some of the most irritating problems men face when growing out their facial hair.

A Natural Way To Stimulating Facial Hair Growth & Get More Coverage

If you’ve always wanted to grow out your beard, but genetics are not on your side and your follicles are not as forthcoming as you would like them to be, resulting in poor coverage and quality, which in turn limits your options and choice of style, causing you to reach for the razor…FEAR NOT!

New Facial Hair, New You! shows you ways in which you can stimulate healthier looking, better quality facial hair in a completely safe, 100% natural and cheap way! Helping you to maximise the potential of your beard and look your absolute best. 

Your Face Shape & Facial Hair 

There are certain facial hair styles that look best on certain face shapes. By choosing the right style of facial hair for your face shape, you can positively play up and add a new dimension to the features of your face. The right style on the ideal face shape…a match made in heaven. Pick the wrong style, you will end up de-emphasising and highlighting features you may not be too fond of. New facial hair new you! Delves into the 7 different face shapes, what styles of facial hair are more suited to face structures, how to easily determine your face shape and how to pick a style of facial hair that is in perfect harmony with it, accentuating all of your favorable facial attributes as a result. 

Find Your Unique, Signature Style Of Facial Hair 

There’s a veritable feast of of facial hair styles out there. new facial hair new you! Will show you 19 unique, detailed yet easy to follow, step by step tutorials on  how to incorporate different types of stylish and very distinguished selection of mustaches, beards and goatees.

  • 6 classy, timeless yet very stylish mustaches that say “I’m a supremely confident and stylish guy”
  • 13 uber attractive styles of beard that that will look great on you by accentuating your facial features, convey your unique style, personality and have the women going crazy for. Giving you the flexibility to reinvent yourself and enhance your appearance at a moments notice.

When worn in a particular way, Sideburns have the power to balance out your facial features, give your cheekbones and jawline masculine definition (remember that women go weak at the knees for a man with a square jaw and prolifically defined cheekbones) and complement your hair style. Our easy to follow and applicable ten step guide shows you how to do just that.

Keep Your Facial Hair Looking Good All The Time, For All Occasions!

We finish off by showing you how to stay looking your best all the time with easy to follow and easy to apply, grooming and maintenance advice. This will help to keep your new found, stylish facial hair stay in pristine condition and allow you to always looking at your sharp best.

No other grooming guide shows more of an efficient, effective and practical way to give you and your facial hair so much power and verve.

You get all of this incredible value for ONLY 2.99! Delivered effortlessly to your Kindle at the click of a button, ready for you to get styling and reinventing your appearance immediately!