The 6 Most Important Reasons Why You Must Grow A Beard!


Beards have a special meaning, both for the men who wear them and for the women that adore them. Not only are beards the supreme sign of masculinity and strength, but they also indicate toughness and force. The beard is a classic alpha male trait.

It takes time, patience and genuine commitment to truly grow a flawless beard that will reflect your personality. While this can be very challenging at times, one thing is for sure: growing a beard will undoubtedly pay off in the long run, as it will boost your self-esteem and add so much to you and the world that you live in. Here are six strong reasons why you should start your journey into ‘beardedness’.

1. Your Inner Masculinity Comes Out To Play!

The ancient Greeks regarded a beard was a sign of manliness. A beard gives a man a desirable, dishevelled look, if you are looking for something that will validate your manhood, a beard is certainly what you need. If you take a moment to look around you, you will see that some of societies best and tough-looking men have beards, it has almost become a stereotype, it’s now back in fashion!

Recent studies have shown  that women are more attracted to a man with a sexy, well-defined, clean and properly maintained beard, as opposed to one who’s always perfectly shaven. There is just something dangerous about having a plush beard on your chin. Beards simply portray you as a rugged man with an edge that clean shaven guys don’t possess, the typical alpha male that the  ladies tend to drool over.

2. Shaving is No Longer A Chore

After a while shaving becomes an absolute chore!  Are you tired of waking up half an hour earlier in the morning, to cleanly shave your face before going to work? Does your skin often get irritated after shaving? Do you accidentally cut yourself while doing it? This is reason enough to consider growing a beard! Growing a beard will mean not having to shave everyday, for a little while at least, but do remember that having a beard requires a different sort of upkeep!

3. Give Your Face A More Defined Look

Any irregularities of your that you may not be too happy with are easily hidden under a beard. Beards conceal and they add sex-appeal to your overall look.

If have insecurities about certain aspects of your face such as  acne or scars, or perhaps a jaw that’s not as defined as you wanted it to be, it is nothing to be worried about…Beards make everything better! Your face will look manlier and you’ll find a jaw line that looks a lot more defined in no time! With a beard, your face is fuller and the blemishes take a back seat, it gives you a distinguished look that says this is a face that is well taken care of. The face of a tough, rugged, yet well groomed and styled man.

4. Having A Beard Signifies Physical and Emotional Maturity

Studies show  that men with beards look 8 years older than clean shaven men and the impression they give to others in society is that they certainly act like it at first glance.

Years and years ago, every single man had a beard. Any man without a beard was considered to be inferior and immature. They say there is nothing new under the sun and that people never really change. Do not let the new ‘metrosexual’ wave fool you, women still find themselves attracted to the bearded man. That is exactly what women crave, it’s hard wired into their DNA, they deeply desire a MAN, not a boy…someone who can take charge and lead just like he’s supposed to.

5. Radiate Sex Appeal

Women look for men who send them the right signals, those who are the most suitable to be both their husbands and the parents of their children. After all, what exudes more stability and responsibility than a man’s beard?! A recent study was conducted by researchers at the University of New South Wales, which found that women find men with beards more attractive than clean shaven men and rated them as being people with high parenting ability…HELL YEAH!

If you grow a beard that is well styled, groomed and considered to be ‘en vogue’ and you know that you look good, feel more confident and have an extra spring in your step,  you’ll start radiating sex appeal through every pore! you’ll come across as more attractive to women who you see checking you out whilst you’re on your way to work, if this isn’t a good enough reason to grow a beard, we don’t know what is.

6. Your Self Esteem Will Sky Rocket

Confidence arises from the meanings or associations that you may attach to a beard. You’ll begin to feel confidence within yourself if you see your beard as a visible sign of masculinity, virility, sex appeal or if it enhances your appearances in another way such as accentuating certain facial features. If you’re a young guy, people might take you more seriously or expect more from you if your beard makes you look older, more respectable or responsible), which in turn will affect your own perception of yourself (so you will probably start to act more confident and mature because that’s what other people are seeing in you now).

It takes courage to grow a beard in a society where shaving it off is the norm. If you can hold out long enough until a recognizable beard emerges, you will gain the confidence in knowing that you can  grow a beard and intentionally making yourself look different from other people and not die of embarrassment in the process, something that will help you come across as unique and appealing in the process.

Enjoy Being Bearded

It is clear that growing a beard has some serious advantages that come with the territory.  You might actually be amazed to see how much a good facial hairstyle can change you, both inside and out. No matter if you no longer want to cope with the burden of shaving on a regular basis or you simply want to make a change that will make you more likeable and more successful when it comes to dating, a beard is certainly a great choice. As much as you may want to look rugged and dishevelled, grooming is a big part of keeping your beard and overall appearance in good nick . So, keep your beard well kempt and before you know it, everyone will be looking to you for advice.

Tell us what you think of beards and why you may consider growing one, has it made an impact upon your life? We always want to hear what you awesome people are thinking!