Stop Sporting That Unattractive Unibrow


I believe that the original eyebrow design was that each person should have two brows, one on each eye. Trust me, a single line of eyebrows cannot be considered natural, or normal. It has been demonized several times by the popular media as a symbol that denotes someone who is primitive and unattractive. It’s embarrassing and you need to get rid of that unibrow. Sorry it might be a genetic or ethnicity problem, but you don’t need to carry it on your face forever.

This article will provide you with helpful tips to help you recover a beautiful face, or handsome in case you are male. All you need to do is pick the one that fits your wishes and get going. Some of the tips may require you to visit a beauty professional while others are DIY-Do It Yourself-tips.

How Do You Want to Look?

It is important to figure out how the final “product” will look like before you take out a single hair. Remember it is your face we are dealing with, not a part of the body you can hide. For the best results, have your initial unibrow removal done by a beauty professional at a salon. An experienced professional can curve two shapely eyebrows from the unibrow and leave you to the simpler task of maintaining them yourself at home. Don’t shy away from going to a local salon to get your unibrow removed. If there are people who have seen all forms of bad hair, it is those that work in salons.


This is an effective “Do It Yourself” method of unibrow removal. However, you must not ignore the instructions inscribed on the waxing kit lest you cause injury to your face. The section to be waxed should be well marked to avoid shapes that don’t match. Don’t apply too much wax or you might end up clearing all the eyebrows. I think a unibrow would be better than a face with no eyebrows at all.


Tweezing is an inexpensive and easy way to get rid of that unibrow. It can be painful though but the results are desirable. If tweezing is the route you decide to go, purchase a quality pair of tweezers that will not remove your skin together with the unibrow.

Tweezing is quite time-consuming and cannot be done in hurry. Allocate yourself several hours to remove a single hair at a time. It could be tempting to go the fast way by removing the hair in patches, only if you are well prepared of the pain associated with such an exercise. The last thing you would like to happen to your face is unbalanced eyebrows resulting from speedy tweezing. Do it slowly and gently. Make sure that the exercise is done in a well lit room that is fitted with a magnifying mirror to help you see each hair clearly before removing it.

Laser Unibrow Removal

Do you want to get rid of that unibrow permanently? If you do, laser treatment or electrolysis are the ways to go. These methods are always quite expensive and each session can cost you up to several hundred dollars. Laser therapy can lead to formation of temporary scabs but cases of serious side effects are rare. Don’t let anybody apply these methods on your face, unless they are experienced professionals.

Your face is one of the most important part of your body and should be kept tidy. Always use a gel or toner to relieve any irritation that may result from unibrow removal, regardless the method you use.