Simple & Effective Ways To Maximize The Potential Of Your Patchy Beard


Let’s face the cold truth, many of us have patchy facial hair; beards that we may not exactly be pleased with. Here you’ll find out some ridiculously simple and effective ways to maximize the potential of your patchy beard, helping you to get the most out of your appearance.

Patchy beard growth can be particularly annoying if you are trying to grow a full beard. It makes it difficult to achieve the look you desire. But apart from the annoyance of not being able to get the look you want; having patchy facial hair growth is rarely a cause for alarm.

Why Do Some Men Have Patchy Facial Hair?

Unlike the growth of head hair and other facial hair such as eyebrows, beard hair growth depends on compounds called androgens. These compounds are responsible for what are considered to be masculine features. Testosterone is the most famous androgen. It is the hormone that stimulates hair follicles in the ace to activate the hair matrix to start making hair. Hormonal imbalances therefore disrupt the even growth of a beard.

Hair follicles also mature at different rates which may result in bald patches in certain areas of your bearded face. This is why bald patches on beards are common among adolescents. The general consensus is that a man’s hormones do not stabilize until he is about 30 years of age, it becomes easy to see why many people have to endure patchy beard growth from their teens through to their late twenties.

What Can You Do To Eliminate Patches?

Growing a beard is definitely one of life secret joys, even a token accomplishment but not all men find it easy to grow plums of facial hair. Fortunately there are a few things you can do to stimulate facial hair growth to fill out the bald patches:

Reduce Stress and Get Plenty of Rest

It may sound obvious but the condition of your facial hair corresponds directly to your body’s overall health. Although no one quite knows how stress inhibits hair growth resulting in bald patches, corroborative studies where stress management techniques were used on patients point to a positive role in patchy facial hair growth.

Consume A Healthy, Protein Rich Diet

Increase your protein intake. Like toenails and fingernails, hair is composed of proteins. Incorporating protein rich foods such as fish, eggs and beans into your diet may therefore help stimulate those stubborn follicles to start making hair.

Take Vitamins

A number of vitamins have been linked to facial hair growth and taking dietary supplements with vitamins that promote hair growth can also b effective. Many people have reported significant improvements in facial hair growth after taking supplements containing vitamins B6, C, and E. the only downside is that taking this supplements also accelerates the rate of growth of nails and other bodily hair.

Testosterone Creams and Supplements

Using testosterone creams and supplements increases testosterone levels and can be used to trigger additional beard growth in men. While testosterone cream does no cause a massive increase in facial hair growth and thickness, it’s effect on growth is often noticeable. Increasing testosterone levels stimulates follicles to start growth hair while speeding up hair growth among the slower growing follicles to effectively cover up the bald patches.

Ultimately, beard growth depends a lot on your genetic predisposition unless causes by a specific medical condition, none of the above remedies are guaranteed to help you grow a thicker beard. And no, shaving it will not make the beard grow back thicker or faster.

What You Can Do With The Facial Hair That You Do Have?

No matter how patchy your beard is, you probably have areas with some facial hair (usually the chin and mustache). The sideburns and cheeks are in many cases, where the problem lays. Choose a facial hair style that will highlight the thick spots of your beard and hide the patchy spots. But before you can do this, you should stop shaving and let the beard grow out. Wash the beard a few times a week with moisturizing shampoo to keep from getting brittle. This will prevent hairs from breaking off and make the beard look healthier.

Try out different styles before settling on one that works for your face. You will begin to find after a while that wearing a style that suits you not only enhances your appearance but also boosts your confidence. With the right style, you can go from being bland and neutral to masculine and sexy.

4  Styles Of Beard That Will Help You Get The Best Out Of Your Patchy Facial Hair

The Scruffy Beard

This is the most popular looks among young men. It is a great hairstyle that requires little upkeep and allows you to look rugged and masculine. To achieve this look, simply stop shaving till the slower growing follicles fill out. Moreover, letting the beard grow long also covers up the bald patches making for a “fuller” beard.

Mustache and Goatee Combo (Van Dyke)

Think Johnny Depp – many celebrities too have patchy facial hair and have nothing to do about it except adapt. This look is perfect if you can grow sideburns and have dark hair. The beard style is also quite versatile and can be worn in many different lengths. Marc Anthony wears his short.

The Brett Beard

This style covers the chin and stretches along the jaw line ending at the ears. The Brett is the ideal substitute for the chinstrap in men with patchy beards.

The Lumber Jack

This is a facial hairstyle associated with men with full beards but you can easily pull it off if you only have a few bald patches and have the patience to let the beard grow. This will allow the slow growing follicles to catch up and any bald patches will barely be noticeable under the long, thick beard in surrounding areas.

Once you’ve grown your facial hair and picked a style that makes the best of your patches and facial features, you will have to maintain it with periodic trimming. If you’re thinking about changing your facial hair style and want a bit of advice and inspiration on what style may suit you best, then check out our easy to follow and applicable Amazon Kindle book New Facial Hair, New You!

We hope this gives you a bit more insight about your patchy facial hair and makes you think about the numerous amount of positive possibilities and how you can get the most out of patchy facial hair…don’t sweat it!

Have you had problems with patchy facial hair? How did you deal with it? We always want to hear what you awesome people are thinking!