How To Shave: 6 Things A Beginner Needs To Know!


Shaving for the first time is a huge step towards becoming a man! It is important that you how to shave properly and  know what the key fundamental elements and techniques are. We’ll run through a few vital principals you need to know before you put a blade near your face, we’ll talk about preparation, lathering your skin, and give you a few vital tips with regards to your technique so that you can avoid any mishaps and ensure that the shaving process is safe and smooth, helping you to look your fine best when you have finished shaving. By the end of this article, all of you first time shavers will have a strong and firm foundation to start shaving confidently with ease.

What If I Cut My Throat & Bleed To Death?

First of all, don’t worry…you WON’T bleed to death! Shaving can be a daunting thing at first, getting the best results demands preparation, care and attention. A lack can result in cuts, nicks, razor burn and so on. It’s unlikely to happen all of the time, but it happens! If you do cut yourself, it is good to know how to deal with the mishap. Follow these two simple steps below:

  1. Clean the area with a cloth or tissue and apply pressure to stop the bleed
  2. Rinse the cut with cold water

If you’ve got a pimple in an area you’re going to shave, we suggest that you use an electrical razor to go over the area to avoid cutting yourself and avoid infection or give yourself a break from shaving altogether for a few days.

Now let’s get into the easy steps you need to follow if you are to become a pro at shaving.

1. Get Hot & Steamy!

Nothing softens your facial hair like hot water! It  will open up your pores, moisturise your skin and soften your beard,  allowing the hair on your face to become looser and easier to manage when shaving. This will mean that the razor you use will be more able to catch the hair without catching the skin. The smoother your razor cuts through your stubble, the less irritation you are likely to suffer also meaning less stress on your skin.

2. Massage Your Facial Hair!

Before applying a shaving foam to your face, clean your face with a good face wash and massage the soap through your facial hair as this will remove grease from your skin. This will help to make a massive difference to your shave as it will also help to loosen the hairs in your facial hair, ensuring that that shave is as smooth as possible.

3. Lather Up Lads!

 Rub some shaving gel into your hands and apply it to your cheeks, upper lip, chin and throat.  A good cream will make the shaving process a whole lot more comfortable. When applying the lather, a brisk rubbing motion over your facial hair will help to ex foliate your skin, open up your pores. saturate your whiskers, raising them, meaning an easier shave.

4. The All Important Technique

When you take the razor to your face, ensure that the pressure you apply to your razor is just right. Modern razors are designed to work with little pressure, the key is not to excessively push the razor onto your skin, you must let it glide smoothly, but firmly in the direction of your hair growth, always go with the grain! If you find that your having to apply more pressure and using more strokes than you need to, it normally means that its time for you to replace the blade.

Shave in short, slow and downward strokes, after every stroke, rinse the razor blade thoroughly. Once you’ve finished shaving, check your face by looking closely in a mirror and have a good feel of your face. If you can still see unshaven facial hair, re-lather up and apply to areas you’re unhappy with and shave against the grain to ensure that you get rid of the hair. When you are shaving against the grain, do be sure to use less pressure than before. Start at the bottom of the neck and work your way upwards, using small strokes.  For more tricky areas like your upper lip, bottom lip/chin area, you’ll have to work a little. Try to stretch your skin a bit to make a flat surface, and glide the razor over those tricky areas. When you’re finished,  rinse your clean, smooth face with cold water.

5. Keep Your Skin Moist

When you shave, you remove a layer of your skin and when left exposed, it is sensitive and prone to dryness ! After rinsing your freshly shaved face with cold water,  make life easy for yourself and your appearance by using a post shaving balm or cream that is dermatologically approved, alcohol free product that reduces irritation caused by shaving which will soothe your skin instantly. Most good balms will Absorb quickly into the skin, helping you to feel instantly relieved and comfortable, keep your skin healthy, promote cell regeneration and will have you looking your best!

6. Protect Your Assets

To avoid damage and prolong razor blade life, we suggest that you rinse the razor under warm water during and after the shave and once you are done, you should store your razor in an upright position.

The blade life of your razor will normally depend on the density of your stubble and how often you shave. There are a couple of things to avoid that will impact on the life of your razor such as tapping your razor on the sink or cleaning it with a toothbrush which will damage the edges of the blades and impact on any specific coatings the manufacturer uses.

There you have it, six easy to follow steps that will ensure a safe, smooth and close shave.

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