First Time Beard Growers, Tackle These 7 Key Phases For Bearded Greatness

To all of the first time beard growers, if you want to go from a bare face to having an awesome looking beard, it is likely that you’ll have to go through these 7 key phases to see if you truly are worthy of bearded greatness. We thought we’d share with you our wisdom. Check them out…

Phase 1: Desire – This is the start of an epic journey. You’ve probably been inspired by someone else’s beard, which has created a desire deep inside of you to add a positively unique and distinctive feature to your appearance.

Phase 2: Excitement – You’ve taken the first few steps of your journey, you can officially say that you are growing a beard. Stubble will show up and you can see the beginning of what you hope will be a piece of fashionable art. Excitement will re-occur throughout the growth process whenever you see something to admire in your facial hair.

Phase 3: Criticism – once you are a fair way in to your journey, it is likely that you will start to see flaws In your facial hair and growth. Areas that could be better, other people may pick up o. This and start to comment. Some will be positive and some will be negative, both of which can have a strong impact and be taken seriously. Stay strong, stay resilient, stay on your path.

Phase 4- Frustration – There may be a period where you start to get frustrated, your facial hair may be taking forever to grow to the length you want, the quality of your facial hair may be thinner than you expected it to be, the may be patchy/bald spots on your face. These issues will frustrate you, the key is to stay strong and persist, your facial hair coverage will improve over time.

Phase 5- Jealousy/Envy – Other guys your age with what you think to be better facial hair quality and beard coverage may make you green with envy and you notice other men’s mature beards. You’ll start saying to yourself: “why can’t my facial hair look like that? Will my beard ever look that good?”

Phase 6- Depression/Desire to shave – You’ve lost hope! Your beard hasn’t necessarily turned out to be be what you thought it would be, and now you are seriously considering on giving up and grabbing that razor…don’t!

Phase 7- Acceptance/Hope – You see the light! You finally realize that your beard is unique and would rather be with a less than perfect beard than bare faced. You will also begin to see that it IS getting better with time, albeit very slowly.

Once you have reached the final phase, start to play around with it, investigate different types of grooming and styling products, which can aid you in enhancing the way it looks.

Much of coming to the acceptance stage is in redefining your expectations and realizing that no beard is perfect. Keep growing right through the doubt, stay resilient and witness bearded awesomeness prevail.

Have you been through or are going through any of these 7 phases? Let us know, we always want to hear what you awesome people are thinking in the comments section or over on social media.

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The 4 Huge External Pressures You Must Overcome When Growing Facial Hair

You see yourself in the mirror and you say to yourself…”damn I’d look good with a beard”, knowing that there is real potential to spruce up your current look and style, taking your appearance and sex appeal to a new level…exciting times lie ahead, don’t they?

The actual act of growing facial hair is easy. Whether it be a epic beard, classy moustache or unique goatee, it’s up there with one of the simplest things a man can do… no work is involved, nature takes it’s course and it just grows!


Some men underestimate the pressures they will face when embarking on the journey towards awesome looking facial hair. Many face external pressures during the growth process, leaving them feeling discouraged and low in confidence, doubt creeps into the mind and has them believing that they just aren’t cut out to be part of the ‘awesome facial hair gang’.

There are external pressures and hurdles that have proven to be stumbling blocks for a many men. This article will give you the insight you need in order to get over the obstacles that you may face.

If you can get through the obstacles that we are about to disclose, (we’ll give you some guidance on how to do so of course) it will help to make the process of growing facial and the decisions you are about to face so much easier. Clearing the path for you to enhance your appearance and stand out from the clean shaven masses.

You will be required to look carefully within yourself and the world around you, a lot of self analysis lies ahead. Not all issues will affect you, but some might.

Your Place Of Work Has Strict Views On Beards & Moustaches!

An issue for so many men, it is likely that you may one day cross paths with someone in your workplace who has a firm opinion about what is and isn’t appropriate about facial hair, especially if you are growing a larger beard or outstanding moustache. The most common cause of this is the company’s corporate culture and the image they want to convey.

If your facial hair is unkempt and messy, there is a strong chance that you will be called up on it. Having a 2-3 day stubble is also frowned upon in a lot of workplaces. If you are to sport facial hair within the workplace, we suggest that you keep it well styled, groomed and maintained at all times, this will help you to give off the impression that you respect the company you work for, it’s corporate culture and most importantly, you respect yourself and the way you look. In general, you should be safe to parade your awesome looking facial hair in most places of work. If there is an issue, talk to your seniors privately, do research on the company you work for and their regulations and see if there is any way around it.

Your Wife/Girlfriend Hates The Prospect Of You Having Facial Hair

This is a big one. There are two common issues as to why your partner may dislike your facial hair.

1. The first one is that she hates the way your scruff feels when your face is rubbing up against her.

2. The second reason is that she hates change, the beardless guy she fell head over heels for is changing his appearance.

Don’t let this put you off, if she loves you for who you are, she’ll stick around (hopefully). Stay firm, keep growing and help her to understand why you’re doing what you are and just how important this is for you. She’ll soon come around and start to love the new you!

Your Friends & Family Are Showing Discouragement & Negativity

When you make the decision to grow facial hair, you may face adversity from your friends and family, they may think that you don’t fit in.

Some will admire you for what you are doing, while others may discourage you. People are familiar with who you were, new things and new ideas scare a lot people.

The people you care about will always have an opinion, it’s up to you on how you deal with it. If other people’s opinions matter to you, acknowledge what they have to say. Emphasize how important growing a beard or moustache is for you and how they should support you and not bring you down. Talk and act positively about what you’re doing.  Your family and friends will soon start to realize that they will get nowhere and will give up on their comments. In the end they’ll respect you for seeing it through.

Current Fashions & Trends Tell You What’s Hot & What’s Not!

We live in world where we are constant being overwhelmed and put under pressure by advertising and marketing material, telling us what we should do and how we should look. You see the latest looks and styles being modelled, fashion gurus saying “beards are out of fashion!” You start to question whether your current style is en vogue which casts doubt in your mind.

We say…don’t panic!

Undoubtedly trends and fashions will impact your mind. However, remember that style is personal, it’s comes from within, don’t feel pressured to follow the herd and choose a style that everyone is wearing but you know won’t look good on you. Choose a style that suits you and your lifestyle. Observe the trends, take on board what looks good and start experimenting with that style to see if it looks good on you and whether it accentuates your facial features. Whatever you choose the secret is keeping it tidy.

Everyone’s situation is different and unique, not all of these external pressures will apply to you, but some may. So, analyse yourself in accordance with this list In detail, see what issues relate to you and how/if you can overcome them.  This is where your own inner strength will take charge. A strong mind and perseverance is what’s needed.

Your facial hair is a form of expression that says “This is me, this is how i want to look, it is intentional. I am comfortable in my skin”. The day your facial hair causes you to dislike the man in the mirror is the day you should shave it. No external pressure should have this influence on you. Grow baby grow!

Are any of these an issue for you? Let us know, we always want to hear what you awesome people are thinking. Tell us if there are any that we haven’t included in the comments section.

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How To Shave: 6 Things A Beginner Needs To Know!


Shaving for the first time is a huge step towards becoming a man! It is important that you how to shave properly and  know what the key fundamental elements and techniques are. We’ll run through a few vital principals you need to know before you put a blade near your face, we’ll talk about preparation, lathering your skin, and give you a few vital tips with regards to your technique so that you can avoid any mishaps and ensure that the shaving process is safe and smooth, helping you to look your fine best when you have finished shaving. By the end of this article, all of you first time shavers will have a strong and firm foundation to start shaving confidently with ease.

What If I Cut My Throat & Bleed To Death?

First of all, don’t worry…you WON’T bleed to death! Shaving can be a daunting thing at first, getting the best results demands preparation, care and attention. A lack can result in cuts, nicks, razor burn and so on. It’s unlikely to happen all of the time, but it happens! If you do cut yourself, it is good to know how to deal with the mishap. Follow these two simple steps below:

  1. Clean the area with a cloth or tissue and apply pressure to stop the bleed
  2. Rinse the cut with cold water

If you’ve got a pimple in an area you’re going to shave, we suggest that you use an electrical razor to go over the area to avoid cutting yourself and avoid infection or give yourself a break from shaving altogether for a few days.

Now let’s get into the easy steps you need to follow if you are to become a pro at shaving.

1. Get Hot & Steamy!

Nothing softens your facial hair like hot water! It  will open up your pores, moisturise your skin and soften your beard,  allowing the hair on your face to become looser and easier to manage when shaving. This will mean that the razor you use will be more able to catch the hair without catching the skin. The smoother your razor cuts through your stubble, the less irritation you are likely to suffer also meaning less stress on your skin.

2. Massage Your Facial Hair!

Before applying a shaving foam to your face, clean your face with a good face wash and massage the soap through your facial hair as this will remove grease from your skin. This will help to make a massive difference to your shave as it will also help to loosen the hairs in your facial hair, ensuring that that shave is as smooth as possible.

3. Lather Up Lads!

 Rub some shaving gel into your hands and apply it to your cheeks, upper lip, chin and throat.  A good cream will make the shaving process a whole lot more comfortable. When applying the lather, a brisk rubbing motion over your facial hair will help to ex foliate your skin, open up your pores. saturate your whiskers, raising them, meaning an easier shave.

4. The All Important Technique

When you take the razor to your face, ensure that the pressure you apply to your razor is just right. Modern razors are designed to work with little pressure, the key is not to excessively push the razor onto your skin, you must let it glide smoothly, but firmly in the direction of your hair growth, always go with the grain! If you find that your having to apply more pressure and using more strokes than you need to, it normally means that its time for you to replace the blade.

Shave in short, slow and downward strokes, after every stroke, rinse the razor blade thoroughly. Once you’ve finished shaving, check your face by looking closely in a mirror and have a good feel of your face. If you can still see unshaven facial hair, re-lather up and apply to areas you’re unhappy with and shave against the grain to ensure that you get rid of the hair. When you are shaving against the grain, do be sure to use less pressure than before. Start at the bottom of the neck and work your way upwards, using small strokes.  For more tricky areas like your upper lip, bottom lip/chin area, you’ll have to work a little. Try to stretch your skin a bit to make a flat surface, and glide the razor over those tricky areas. When you’re finished,  rinse your clean, smooth face with cold water.

5. Keep Your Skin Moist

When you shave, you remove a layer of your skin and when left exposed, it is sensitive and prone to dryness ! After rinsing your freshly shaved face with cold water,  make life easy for yourself and your appearance by using a post shaving balm or cream that is dermatologically approved, alcohol free product that reduces irritation caused by shaving which will soothe your skin instantly. Most good balms will Absorb quickly into the skin, helping you to feel instantly relieved and comfortable, keep your skin healthy, promote cell regeneration and will have you looking your best!

6. Protect Your Assets

To avoid damage and prolong razor blade life, we suggest that you rinse the razor under warm water during and after the shave and once you are done, you should store your razor in an upright position.

The blade life of your razor will normally depend on the density of your stubble and how often you shave. There are a couple of things to avoid that will impact on the life of your razor such as tapping your razor on the sink or cleaning it with a toothbrush which will damage the edges of the blades and impact on any specific coatings the manufacturer uses.

There you have it, six easy to follow steps that will ensure a safe, smooth and close shave.

If you found this article helpful, take a look at some of our other useful tips on shaving and product reviews which will help you to ensure a close shave all the time and help you look your best.

Simple & Effective Ways To Maximize The Potential Of Your Patchy Beard


Let’s face the cold truth, many of us have patchy facial hair; beards that we may not exactly be pleased with. Here you’ll find out some ridiculously simple and effective ways to maximize the potential of your patchy beard, helping you to get the most out of your appearance.

Patchy beard growth can be particularly annoying if you are trying to grow a full beard. It makes it difficult to achieve the look you desire. But apart from the annoyance of not being able to get the look you want; having patchy facial hair growth is rarely a cause for alarm.

Why Do Some Men Have Patchy Facial Hair?

Unlike the growth of head hair and other facial hair such as eyebrows, beard hair growth depends on compounds called androgens. These compounds are responsible for what are considered to be masculine features. Testosterone is the most famous androgen. It is the hormone that stimulates hair follicles in the ace to activate the hair matrix to start making hair. Hormonal imbalances therefore disrupt the even growth of a beard.

Hair follicles also mature at different rates which may result in bald patches in certain areas of your bearded face. This is why bald patches on beards are common among adolescents. The general consensus is that a man’s hormones do not stabilize until he is about 30 years of age, it becomes easy to see why many people have to endure patchy beard growth from their teens through to their late twenties.

What Can You Do To Eliminate Patches?

Growing a beard is definitely one of life secret joys, even a token accomplishment but not all men find it easy to grow plums of facial hair. Fortunately there are a few things you can do to stimulate facial hair growth to fill out the bald patches:

Reduce Stress and Get Plenty of Rest

It may sound obvious but the condition of your facial hair corresponds directly to your body’s overall health. Although no one quite knows how stress inhibits hair growth resulting in bald patches, corroborative studies where stress management techniques were used on patients point to a positive role in patchy facial hair growth.

Consume A Healthy, Protein Rich Diet

Increase your protein intake. Like toenails and fingernails, hair is composed of proteins. Incorporating protein rich foods such as fish, eggs and beans into your diet may therefore help stimulate those stubborn follicles to start making hair.

Take Vitamins

A number of vitamins have been linked to facial hair growth and taking dietary supplements with vitamins that promote hair growth can also b effective. Many people have reported significant improvements in facial hair growth after taking supplements containing vitamins B6, C, and E. the only downside is that taking this supplements also accelerates the rate of growth of nails and other bodily hair.

Testosterone Creams and Supplements

Using testosterone creams and supplements increases testosterone levels and can be used to trigger additional beard growth in men. While testosterone cream does no cause a massive increase in facial hair growth and thickness, it’s effect on growth is often noticeable. Increasing testosterone levels stimulates follicles to start growth hair while speeding up hair growth among the slower growing follicles to effectively cover up the bald patches.

Ultimately, beard growth depends a lot on your genetic predisposition unless causes by a specific medical condition, none of the above remedies are guaranteed to help you grow a thicker beard. And no, shaving it will not make the beard grow back thicker or faster.

What You Can Do With The Facial Hair That You Do Have?

No matter how patchy your beard is, you probably have areas with some facial hair (usually the chin and mustache). The sideburns and cheeks are in many cases, where the problem lays. Choose a facial hair style that will highlight the thick spots of your beard and hide the patchy spots. But before you can do this, you should stop shaving and let the beard grow out. Wash the beard a few times a week with moisturizing shampoo to keep from getting brittle. This will prevent hairs from breaking off and make the beard look healthier.

Try out different styles before settling on one that works for your face. You will begin to find after a while that wearing a style that suits you not only enhances your appearance but also boosts your confidence. With the right style, you can go from being bland and neutral to masculine and sexy.

4  Styles Of Beard That Will Help You Get The Best Out Of Your Patchy Facial Hair

The Scruffy Beard

This is the most popular looks among young men. It is a great hairstyle that requires little upkeep and allows you to look rugged and masculine. To achieve this look, simply stop shaving till the slower growing follicles fill out. Moreover, letting the beard grow long also covers up the bald patches making for a “fuller” beard.

Mustache and Goatee Combo (Van Dyke)

Think Johnny Depp – many celebrities too have patchy facial hair and have nothing to do about it except adapt. This look is perfect if you can grow sideburns and have dark hair. The beard style is also quite versatile and can be worn in many different lengths. Marc Anthony wears his short.

The Brett Beard

This style covers the chin and stretches along the jaw line ending at the ears. The Brett is the ideal substitute for the chinstrap in men with patchy beards.

The Lumber Jack

This is a facial hairstyle associated with men with full beards but you can easily pull it off if you only have a few bald patches and have the patience to let the beard grow. This will allow the slow growing follicles to catch up and any bald patches will barely be noticeable under the long, thick beard in surrounding areas.

Once you’ve grown your facial hair and picked a style that makes the best of your patches and facial features, you will have to maintain it with periodic trimming. If you’re thinking about changing your facial hair style and want a bit of advice and inspiration on what style may suit you best, then check out our easy to follow and applicable Amazon Kindle book New Facial Hair, New You!

We hope this gives you a bit more insight about your patchy facial hair and makes you think about the numerous amount of positive possibilities and how you can get the most out of patchy facial hair…don’t sweat it!

Have you had problems with patchy facial hair? How did you deal with it? We always want to hear what you awesome people are thinking!

Stop Sporting That Unattractive Unibrow


I believe that the original eyebrow design was that each person should have two brows, one on each eye. Trust me, a single line of eyebrows cannot be considered natural, or normal. It has been demonized several times by the popular media as a symbol that denotes someone who is primitive and unattractive. It’s embarrassing and you need to get rid of that unibrow. Sorry it might be a genetic or ethnicity problem, but you don’t need to carry it on your face forever.

This article will provide you with helpful tips to help you recover a beautiful face, or handsome in case you are male. All you need to do is pick the one that fits your wishes and get going. Some of the tips may require you to visit a beauty professional while others are DIY-Do It Yourself-tips.

How Do You Want to Look?

It is important to figure out how the final “product” will look like before you take out a single hair. Remember it is your face we are dealing with, not a part of the body you can hide. For the best results, have your initial unibrow removal done by a beauty professional at a salon. An experienced professional can curve two shapely eyebrows from the unibrow and leave you to the simpler task of maintaining them yourself at home. Don’t shy away from going to a local salon to get your unibrow removed. If there are people who have seen all forms of bad hair, it is those that work in salons.


This is an effective “Do It Yourself” method of unibrow removal. However, you must not ignore the instructions inscribed on the waxing kit lest you cause injury to your face. The section to be waxed should be well marked to avoid shapes that don’t match. Don’t apply too much wax or you might end up clearing all the eyebrows. I think a unibrow would be better than a face with no eyebrows at all.


Tweezing is an inexpensive and easy way to get rid of that unibrow. It can be painful though but the results are desirable. If tweezing is the route you decide to go, purchase a quality pair of tweezers that will not remove your skin together with the unibrow.

Tweezing is quite time-consuming and cannot be done in hurry. Allocate yourself several hours to remove a single hair at a time. It could be tempting to go the fast way by removing the hair in patches, only if you are well prepared of the pain associated with such an exercise. The last thing you would like to happen to your face is unbalanced eyebrows resulting from speedy tweezing. Do it slowly and gently. Make sure that the exercise is done in a well lit room that is fitted with a magnifying mirror to help you see each hair clearly before removing it.

Laser Unibrow Removal

Do you want to get rid of that unibrow permanently? If you do, laser treatment or electrolysis are the ways to go. These methods are always quite expensive and each session can cost you up to several hundred dollars. Laser therapy can lead to formation of temporary scabs but cases of serious side effects are rare. Don’t let anybody apply these methods on your face, unless they are experienced professionals.

Your face is one of the most important part of your body and should be kept tidy. Always use a gel or toner to relieve any irritation that may result from unibrow removal, regardless the method you use.