First Time Beard Growers, Tackle These 7 Key Phases For Bearded Greatness

first time beard grower

To all of the first time beard growers, if you want to go from a bare face to having an awesome looking beard, it is likely that you’ll have to go through these 7 key phases to see if you truly are worthy of bearded greatness. We thought we’d share with you our wisdom. Check […]

The 4 Huge External Pressures You Must Overcome When Growing Facial Hair moro

You see yourself in the mirror and you say to yourself…”damn I’d look good with a beard”, knowing that there is real potential to spruce up your current look and style, taking your appearance and sex appeal to a new level…exciting times lie ahead, don’t they? The actual act of growing facial hair is easy. […]

How To Shave: 6 Things A Beginner Needs To Know!

first time shave

Shaving for the first time is a huge step towards becoming a man! It is important that you how to shave properly and  know what the key fundamental elements and techniques are. We’ll run through a few vital principals you need to know before you put a blade near your face, we’ll talk about preparation, lathering […]